Saturday, 3 November 2007

My Own Two Cents On Madeleine...Part V!

In "Part IV", I mentioned about British press shooting their own foot...seems like it is what happened!

The results of the biological evidence found in the apartment and in the car used by the McCann have now arrived in Portugal. The British press states that the results show with no doubt that Madeleine was carried in the trunk of the car the McCann were using. Her DNA is spread all over the car which contradicts the theory of DNA transfer from clothing. Need be to remind that the car was rented 22 days after Madeleine's disappearance?

Sources contacted by Portuguese newspapers, are careful in their statements regarding the results of the DNA testing and sampling. However, they do not exclude that former theories are now confirmed but they assure that work still needs to be done on it for doubtless certainty. The contacted sources, reinstate that the priority is to find the child's body, as only when Maddie is found, it will be possible to understand the mechanism that led to her death and to eventually formally accuse her parents of homicide.

One should remember that the first results given to the Portuguese authorities already seemed to agree with the theory that Maddie was dead. That is why her parents were considered "arguidos" last September.

However, back then, the police did not have much to work with to have absolute belief in their guilt. Although Maddie's parents had been confronted with evidence available and with the homicide theory, they stated over and over again that the DNA was in the car because of DNA transfer since Maddie's clothes were carried in the trunk of the car.

The results now available for the Portuguese police show that such could not be possible. Some British press stated that the evidence formally guarantees that the evidence available points to a body being carried in the car and not a live person (the McCann had stated that the DNA could come from their twin children. Needless to point out that although we have similar DNA within family, we have our own our own finger prints!).

So shooting their own foot? Yes, so much that the British press is now reverting the tide and accusing the McCann. The same press that protected, "shielded" the McCann and had fun with their smear campaign of Portugal and its police. How easy now...

If the above is thing is for sure...the McCann will have damaged forever the image of those who really suffer the loss of a child in dramatic circumstances and need as much help as possible. How to make any campaign credible from now on? We now take the risk that each time a child will disappear, a public outcry will be overlooked, will be insignificant. Won't we think each time it will happen "what if it is another McCann case"?


  1. Maddie???
    ohh nooo!
    beijos prima e bom Domingo

  2. Olà Primo,
    É eu sei, não se faz (e conheço a tua opinião sobre este assunto), mas que queres tu? A ocasião era boa demais para não meter alguns pontos nos "is"! Talvez seja o meu ultimo post sobre este assunto (bem não posso jurar...)!


  3. O ultimo??
    Não consegues que o seja, ehehheh.
    Nem aguentas tão pouco em ficar sentada assistindo a algumas injustiças,não é?
    beijos do primo.