Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Off she goes...around the corner!

Two more days and off I am to the other side of the world!

After having been in India (Hyderabad) 4 years ago, I am returning to that wonderful and magical country. A country I learned to appreciate and where I felt good, but had so little time to discover.
I still remember the warm welcome and the joy that greets you daily...the easy laughter, which is something that actually goes well with me as I laugh quite easily. I will also never forget the way life is enjoyed by each and everyone day by day although faced with problems that seem endless. A good lesson...that we tend to forget...too easily!

I will never forget the eyes of the children amazed to see "gold" hair and their need to touch it to find out if it was real. I'll never forget feeling incredibly good with the children's laughter.

Children saying good bye to "gold-hair" in Hyderabad

I will be back in incredible India (this time in Mumbai) in only two days. Although for work, I cannot wait to return to a place that really resembles "Shangri-la"!

After India, off in another plane I will be. I will go to my beloved Dubai. Discover a city that you can absolutely not know as it changes daily, a city that keeps you in an turmoil of fun and mystery...everyday one wonders what new discovery it will bring...

Burj Al-Arab

If I am writing these few lines is to let you know that the blog might not be maintained during the time in which I will be away.
I will take my camera and try to take as many pictures as possible and to keep you posted on what is happening in India and Dubai, but don't be too disappointed if you have to wait for my return! I promise I will surprise you with wonderful stories and pictures! she goes...around the corner!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Sunday, 13 April 2008


  • 1,5 Kg de asas de frango
  • 2 colheres (sopa) de páprika
  • 1 colher (sopa) de cebola ralada
  • 1 colher (chá) de mostarda
  • 1 colher (sopa) de casca de limão ralada
  • 1 1/2 colher (chá) de tomilho
  • sal a gosto. 2 dentes d'alho
  • pimenta ardida seca a gosto. 3 copos de vinho tinto de boa qualidade
  • 4 colheres (sopa) de azeite
  • 1 pimento "jamaicano" cortado em quadradinhos pequenos. (São pimentos muito fortes! Cuidado!!!)

Modo de Preparação

1. Misture todos os temperos acima citados numa vasilha e passe as asas nesse tempero.

2. Deixe as asas marinar no tempero durante pelo menos 30 minutos.

3. Aqueça o forno - 200 °C

4. Coloque as asas numa assadeira grande untada com azeite ou manteiga e leve ao forno quente

5. Asse-as durante 30 ou 40 minutos. As asas devem estar bem doradas e estaladiças!

6. Sirva-as num prato junto com pão ainda morno e um bom vinho tinto!

N.B. Em vez de assar as asas no forno, podem-se também assar nas brasas durante um bom BBQ no verão!

Esta receita é dedicada á pessoa a quem devo o facto de falar italiano e a quem prometi a "minha" receita de "chicken wings"...chi sa un uma beijoca carinhosa!

Never be a Stepping Stone...

I remember way, way back when
I said I never wanna see your face again
cause you were loving, yes you were somebody else

and I knew, yes I knew I couldn't control myself

and now they bring you back into my life again
and so I put on face just like your friends
but I think you know, oh yes you know whats going on
cause the feelings in me, oh yes in me are burning strong.

but I will never be your stepping stone,
take it all or leave me alone,
I will never be your stepping stone,
I'm standing upright on my own.

you still call me up from time to time
and it would be so hard for me not to cross the line

the words of love lye on my lips just like a curse
and I knew, oh yes I knew they'd only make it worse
and now you have the nerve to play along
just like the maestro beats in your song
you got your kicks, you get your kicks from playing me
and the less you give the more I want, so foolishly.

(Chorus x3)
but I will never be your stepping stone,
take it all or leave me alone,
I will never be your stepping stone,
im standing upright on my own.

Stepping Stone by Duffy

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Now you see you don't!

A month...a whole month away from maintaining my blog...this one being the 3rd attempt to return to writing more often!

For a while I thought about closing the blog, as I had no more time to maintain it frequently, but then the caring from all those that visit it pushed me to keep it on until I would finally have time to write on it.

I never imagined that professional life could completely take over your life. It seems like my private life has completely disappeared. Nevertheless, I am enjoying all that is happening professionally...more responsibilities (more headaches), more challenges but a huge satisfaction to finally know that I am on the right track after having wandered on the different decision alleys of my life...I kept asking questions like "should I really be studying Political Sciences? Should I keep on studying Archaeology? Should I be working on the Humanitarian Aid field?" All those questions actually do have an answer now, the answer being yes. All those different alleys I took lead me to being where I am now.

So, although at the moment I am working a lot more than before due to the imperatives coming with new responsibilities, I am enjoying every minute of it.

So, even being tired, and when I arrive quite late at home (and leaving home pretty early these days), I still have a very warm thought for my friends.

Thank you all for all the sweet messages you have been leaving wondering where I had disappeared to, and thank you to those from the office who are real fans of my blog who convinced me to come back...even if just to publish some of my recipes...which reminds me I have a few promises regarding a few cakes ;-)

Anyway, here I am...back...can't promise to write as often as I used to, but I'm here!