Sunday, 6 April 2008

Now you see you don't!

A month...a whole month away from maintaining my blog...this one being the 3rd attempt to return to writing more often!

For a while I thought about closing the blog, as I had no more time to maintain it frequently, but then the caring from all those that visit it pushed me to keep it on until I would finally have time to write on it.

I never imagined that professional life could completely take over your life. It seems like my private life has completely disappeared. Nevertheless, I am enjoying all that is happening professionally...more responsibilities (more headaches), more challenges but a huge satisfaction to finally know that I am on the right track after having wandered on the different decision alleys of my life...I kept asking questions like "should I really be studying Political Sciences? Should I keep on studying Archaeology? Should I be working on the Humanitarian Aid field?" All those questions actually do have an answer now, the answer being yes. All those different alleys I took lead me to being where I am now.

So, although at the moment I am working a lot more than before due to the imperatives coming with new responsibilities, I am enjoying every minute of it.

So, even being tired, and when I arrive quite late at home (and leaving home pretty early these days), I still have a very warm thought for my friends.

Thank you all for all the sweet messages you have been leaving wondering where I had disappeared to, and thank you to those from the office who are real fans of my blog who convinced me to come back...even if just to publish some of my recipes...which reminds me I have a few promises regarding a few cakes ;-)

Anyway, here I am...back...can't promise to write as often as I used to, but I'm here!


  1. Welcome back Angela! E' un piacere riaverti tra noi!

  2. Ciao Max!
    Grazie mille! E un piacere essere di nuovo fra gli amici!

    Baci! :-D

  3. olá angela :)
    aih que bom a menina está de volta :)
    olha esse teu trabalho é um malvado... já não te via por cá à seculos... muito tempo e saudades da menina.
    espero que tenhas vindo pra ficar sim :)))

  4. Bem vinda :)

    Fogo, tardou mas foi hehehehe


  5. Ok ok, the blog can always wait

  6. Non penmsare di chiudere il tuo blog: è sempre un modo per tenersi "attivi" fuori dal lavoro!

  7. Pythea,

    O teu blog, mais o que escreves, a variedade dos temas que abordas, não se podem perder...

    Demoras os tempos que forem precisos por vicissitudes laborais...e vens postando qd puderes...todos compreendem isso...

    Não deixes é de nos brindar em tanta língua...como só tu sabes fazer, e como eu te admiro!!!!

    Um beijinho mto grande:)