Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Off she goes...around the corner!

Two more days and off I am to the other side of the world!

After having been in India (Hyderabad) 4 years ago, I am returning to that wonderful and magical country. A country I learned to appreciate and where I felt good, but had so little time to discover.
I still remember the warm welcome and the joy that greets you daily...the easy laughter, which is something that actually goes well with me as I laugh quite easily. I will also never forget the way life is enjoyed by each and everyone day by day although faced with problems that seem endless. A good lesson...that we tend to forget...too easily!

I will never forget the eyes of the children amazed to see "gold" hair and their need to touch it to find out if it was real. I'll never forget feeling incredibly good with the children's laughter.

Children saying good bye to "gold-hair" in Hyderabad

I will be back in incredible India (this time in Mumbai) in only two days. Although for work, I cannot wait to return to a place that really resembles "Shangri-la"!

After India, off in another plane I will be. I will go to my beloved Dubai. Discover a city that you can absolutely not know as it changes daily, a city that keeps you in an turmoil of fun and mystery...everyday one wonders what new discovery it will bring...

Burj Al-Arab

If I am writing these few lines is to let you know that the blog might not be maintained during the time in which I will be away.
I will take my camera and try to take as many pictures as possible and to keep you posted on what is happening in India and Dubai, but don't be too disappointed if you have to wait for my return! I promise I will surprise you with wonderful stories and pictures! she goes...around the corner!


  1. India e Dubai?!?! Hummm oh pra mim cheio de inveja :P


    Faz uma optima viagem, diverte-te e até daqui a duas semanas.


  2. Sei così fortunata a viaggiare così tanto. Io mi sento bloccata con il mio misero inglese e il mio lavoro/seminterrato!!!

  3. Obrigada pelo comentário simpático! :)

    Diverte-te muito, quem me dera fazer uma viajem assim também...

    Até ao teu regresso. Prometo esmerar-me no som lá do estaminé, ok?

    Beiji** :)

  4. Ora a minha adorada Priminha quase a regressar e eu a partir,
    mas infelizmente, ainda não é para ferias;)
    Serão ferias sim, mas do Blog durante pelo menos uma semana.
    Por isso deixo aqui um beijinho grande do Primo, na esperança q tenhas um bom regresso e que essa tua viagem tenham sido um sonho!

  5. Bem-vinda à Ásia, continente maravilhoso, ao contrário do que muitos europeus e americanos pensam. E boa viagem!

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  7. My husband is Greek and we will likely be moving there within the next five years. I am American so this will be a big change for me. If you have any advice I'd love to hear from you. Your blog is great, I'm so glad I found it.

  8. Hi Mama Rose,

    Thanks for your message. I also like your blog! I saw that your husband is from northern Greece. I lived in northern Greece for 3 years in Alexandroupolis (near the turkish border).
    If you wish, we can e-mail each other and I can send you a longer e-mail. don't hesitate to mail me at

    :-D :-D :-D :-D