Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Coming back to my post about India, I was reminded this morning that there was much more to say about it...true, but it was not my primary intention when writing that particular post.

Nevertheless, it is true that during that week, many situations happened that deserve a little "highlight".

Many funny moments (unbelievably funny!!! One time at dinner I laughed so much - and was not the only one - I completely forgot there was important people at the table as the atmosphere was so great), many hard working moments and moments of peace and enjoyment.

So let me tell you about one particular moment...the motorickshaw ride!!!! Have you ever had the impression that you had absolutely no idea of what you were doing and if you would still be alive the next second? NOOOO???? Well, get on a motorickshaw and go for a ride in the Indian traffic...funny as hell (excuse the expression) and scary as hell!

Where to start? Maybe I should mention the fact that it seems that traffic rules are not to be respected, after all, what are they for? Or do I mention when big trucks pass by and it just happens that their exhaust pipe is at your face level and you have this incredible warm wave hitting you on the face and when you think you are going to faint because of that unusual heat there comes the second wave...the smell...ah that is probably the best part...the smell...oh smell of wonders!!!! helps you turn red, yellow, blue...just pick the colour you like best! Preferably some colour that matches what you are wearing on that particular moment...I was lucky I was wearing black, so ...was an easy pick! Can you imagine the dilemma if I was wearing another colour???? I also dare mentioning people rushing by in the middle of the traffic instead of using the pedestrian crossings...drivers that only seem to know one (or two) traffic rules i.e. HONK AS MUCH AS YOU CAN AND OCCUPY ANY EMPTY SPACE IN FRONT, AT YOUR SIDE OR BEHIND YOU!!!

When we reached our point of destination (after having zigzagged our way trough) and I got out of the motorickshaw, I didn't know if I was going to throw up or just plainly lay on the floor and try to recover my breath!

To be honest, I enjoyed every minute of that ride...I really did (was laughing all the way back too)! It is an experience I would recommend to everyone at least once. It was even funnier because I wasn't alone...if I was I would have "behaved" as a "lady" (well, yes...I am!) is suppose to.

Anyway, advice is, go to India, go on a motorickshaw ride (preferably be as lucky as I was to be with a wonderful person who has a sense of humour the size of the universe) and have the time of your life!!!!

I happened to be with a person (you will recognize yourself) who has a sense of humour which is as weird and as huge as mine...try that too if you can...go on a motorickshaw with a person who has a solid sense of gives another dimension to it!

I would go on a motorickshaw right now...for sure! I may joke, but I love India and all its little "tweaks"!

Don't miss the next episode of "The Adventures Of A Lady (well yes!) In India"!

Unfortunately, this time the pictures I took in India did not come out OK, so I am using motorickshaw pictures I took 4 years ago when I was in Hyderabad.


  1. Olá Pythea,

    Já vi que a viagem foi o máximo :D

    quando tiveres oportunidade passa no meu novo tasco.


  2. Allora sei tornata...

  3. Gianniiiiii!

    Dove eri sparito???


  4. A leggere dai post sembra che tu ti sia davvero divertita in questo viaggio..
    Un saluto

  5. Espero ir a Goa no final deste ano. Mas suponho que não tem nada a ver com a Índia de que aqui se fala.

  6. Então essa viagem?! Parece que boa, hein?

    Um grande beiji******* :D

  7. beijinho na minha priminha linda de olho azul.
    Belas ferias!