Tuesday, 3 June 2008


I was back in India very recently...for work...but it was wonderful to be back to that wonderful place.

The moment I landed (at midnight) in Mumbai I was engulfed (not only by the incredible humidity!) by the atmosphere of peace and the sounds (not just the cars honking!) of the night.

How to explain it? Don't know...maybe a sense of letting yourself live.

One thing we seem to hold dear in Europe (and in most countries!) is this need to constantly be in a rush, go as fast as we can from point A to point B. WHY??? For one week, I lived at another rhythm...ok, ok...so you might say I rarely got out of the hotel so how could I know? I KNOW....and that is all that counts for me. After all, even the working rhythm (although generally doing more hours than I probably would in the office), the peace and "no rush" aspect was dominant.

I re-discovered many things about me when there, closed and opened a few chapters...and that helped me to follow to the next travel which is the post above this one...where I also did some interesting discoveries...but that is another story!

In many ways (for many reasons), it was hard being back home, I still feel I am not back, I am still there...if not physically...my mind remained.

I will soon be back for sure...!

P.S. The song on one of the posts below (Bang Bang - My Baby Shot Me Down - by Nancy Sinatra) is connected to this post...and the closing and opening of certain "chapters"...the lyrics are self-explanatory...maybe.

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