Sunday, 21 October 2007

Pythea's Blog...has new layout!

Most of you have now noticed...Pythea's Blog has got a new layout! The Blog has grown to be more in agreement with its owner's desires i.e. simple lines and the predominance of the red colour...Pythea's favourite!

Haven't you ever felt bored around 4:00 on a sunday afternoon? That is what was happening after having left the friends I had had lunch with. Got home and after considering the different options I decided to take the less "easy" one. Why not trying to use my new web editor/designer skills for my own blog and see what I can come up with? I can say I am quite happy with the result! After having fiddled around with lots of HTML code, becoming despaired with design (ever tried making sense out of CSS Style Sheets?) that did not want to obey orders and wanting to throw the computer out of the window (especially if one thinks that working with web sites is what I do at work!!!), the results looks very nice. Next step...a real web site!

I can't help looking back and wonder what happened to the person who was completely not into technology a few years ago. I refused for a long time to even have a mobile phone (do remember telling friends how bad it was for their health, etc.). I now own 2 of them, have got a PC with lots of gadgets, a laptop with another set of gadgets, MP4 etc... However, the weirdest is to be now working with web sites!

Colleagues from the University in Portugal must be having a good laugh remembering how much I hated these "infernal" machines...end up working with them is the craziest twist of destiny one could have ever thought of!

Well, hope that you'll like the new are welcome to make any comments and suggestions!

By the way, this new design is dedicated to Jörg and Pascal...thanks for "showing" me the way!!!


  1. Priminhaaaa
    Deve ser do nosso apelido, de familia ;)
    eu também era assim um pouco como tu, como estas maquinas dão cabo de nós...tornamo-nos dependentes delas. Como poderia agora abdicar de todas estas maquinas e respectivos programas enerentes á sua funcionalidade.

  2. Olà Primo,

    Tens razão, coisas infernais e ...#@*...mais quem as inventou! Mas agora como dizes, não posso nem pensar passar um dia sem elas. Na segunda-feira passada esqueci-me do meu telefone celular em casa e foi um autentico "drama"! Estou muito mal habituada! :-S