Monday, 8 October 2007

My own two cents on Madeleine...Part II

Daniel Krugel, a South African private detective who last July searched for Maddie in Praia da Luz (and who had been invited by the McCann) claims to know where Maddie is buried.

Daniel Krugel declared to the “Sunday Mirror”: “I am convinced that Madeleine’s body is in Praia da Luz”. He added that “the chances that she is alive are very slim”.According to the Portuguese newspapers, a source close to the investigation says that the place is the area where Maddie’s father used to jog.

According to the newspaper “Correio da Manhã”, the Portuguese authorities believe that the body may have been buried on the beach a few hours after her death. Daniel Kruger confirmed that he arrived in Portugal with his team on 17 July and during 4 days he used a machine of his own invention which can detect people based on their DNA. The targeted areas were the Ocean Club apartment as well as the surroundings and main exits from Praia da Luz.

Krugel told the “Sunday Mirror” that he is about to return to Portugal at the McCann request. In a report he surrendered to the Portuguese police, Krugel mentions a 500 square metre area as the probable place where Maddie was buried. However, the authorities did not proceed to any dig on the area.

Krugel says that his work started with one of Maddie’s hair which had been provided by Gerry McCann. “The aim was to have a chart of the DNA”. He then used the machine of his own invention (called matter orientation system) which, based on quantum physics and GPS, can reveal the location of a body.

Of his work done in Algarve he states that: “I did an extensive search in Praia da Luz with the help of the machine and of some friends. We were there 16 hours a day. No place was forgotten”. Mr Krugel is forbidden to reveal the location he mentioned in his report to the police as per Portuguese law.

He stated to the “News of the World” that he is not mentioning it to “avoid people going there out of curiosity and therefore destroying evidence”. He however stressed that “everyday the trail was clearer”. “The machine was always providing the same bearings which made me always come back to the same location. This made me believe that Madeleine is there”.

Daniel Krugel a former colonel of the South African police is known as “The Locator” name given after his discovery of several bodies. He guarantees a success of 90% in all the cases he investigated.

It was following Daniel Krugel’s work that the request for the British dogs (which can smell dead bodies) was made. This lead to the collection of evidence which in its turn lead to the belief that the McCann were guilty.

My opinion???? What to believe? So many incredible stories about Madeleine’s disappearance have been around that one does not know what to believe anymore…besides this one seems to be a little bit “tirée par les cheveux” as we would say in French!!!

Quantum physics and GPS to locate DNA? I’ll let the scientists answer…

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