Friday, 12 October 2007

My own two cents on Madeleine...Part III

The DNA results have still not arrived in Portugal, but the elements already available seem to indicate that Madeleine McCann was in the car the parents had rented. The Portuguese police believes that the new evidence will be crucial for the continuing of the investigation, which can now regain momentum.

The data which has been provided to the Portuguese police seem to lead to the conclusion that the evidence material collected in the car and in the apartment of the McCann, belonged Madeleine McCann. The Portuguese authorities are supposed to be having the full report by the end of the week, but all points to a confirmation of the information released by the press i.e. that the McCann may have been "active" participants in Madeleine's disappearance.

However, several details still need to be confirmed. Namely, if the hair found in the car and in the apartment is Madeleine's and if it was ante or post-mortem. Also still to be confirmed, is if the analyses will show traces of sedatives, as implied by the police.

The police is also awaiting for other confirmations such as the analysis of the evidence material found in the Renault Scenic, rented one month after Maddie disappeared. The current available reports lead to a confirmation of the theory that Maddie was carried in the car and that it was not just a mere transfer of DNA through a piece of cloth as the McCann have declared. The other answer provided by the McCann, namely that the DNA found in the car could belong to any of Maddie's twin sister or brother was dismissed as not possible by the British laboratory in charge of examining the DNA material.

According to the Portuguese newspaper "Correio da Manhã", the arrival of these new reports, gives new momentum to the investigation. All this will be communicated to the British police as any further questioning of the McCann from the Portuguese will have to be done through their British counterparts (British law does not allow extradition of its citizens) - will they be going back to Portugal, if the Portuguese authorities request it, as they always said they would???? In case they will be formally charged of having a participation in Madeleine's disappearance/death, they will have to be judged in England (unless they decide to go back to Portugal).

Now guess what? To counter the laboratory results (may I remind that it is a BRITISH lab), the law firm Kingsley Napley, hired their own team for new testing - this after the Birmingham lab itself suggested that the Portuguese police may be right! Also, may I remind everyone that the choice of the Birmingham laboratory was a well-thought decision? After all, that is where the best and most modern technology for this kind of tests can be found. Aren't the British shooting their own foot?

What???? Are they thinking their results will be any different? Gosh, the results presented so far were presented by the Forensic Science Service. How far are the British willing to go just to keep on their smear campaign against the Portuguese police and their work?

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