Monday, 15 June 2009

Blah Blah Blah????

After some extensive thought about if I should shut down the blog - after all it has been quite some time I haven't posted an article - I finally decided that it might be worth while to "re-open" it.

Many things happening the last few months have prevented posting of simple articles or even my recipes - OK, excuses, some of them at least, but lately I was more worried about myself and getting my bearings right than wondering if I should find time to write on the blog.

Then thinking of how much I used to like writing and how many friends I had discovered it was also obvious that I should at least write one last time before definitely shutting down.

So, I wrote an extensive article on why I was doing it explaining that the job promotion was taking up all my time, that the limited free time I had was dedicated to family and friends, or to simple things like reading books or enjoy the scenery from my balcony while listening to music, etc, etc, etc. Of course the main reason being that working all day with websites getting home to update a blog was getting a little bit too much.

Re-reading all the blah blah I had written, I thought…should I really say all this…who cares any way? Ready to press the button to publish the "good byes" I was called for a coffee with office mates and a question popped up "when are we going to see another article or recipe on your blog again"? Couldn't help thinking of life coincidences, so got back to my office, re-re-read the article and erased it!

So here I am, maintaining the blog - will try to do it more regularly - and announcing that very soon a full website will be available with all my recipes and a few other information. After all, being a web manager it was only natural that I should build my own website - why hadn't I thought of that earlier?

Anyway, keep visiting to know what is going on, you are always welcome!


  1. Priminha
    ainda bem q a decisão foi o não fecahgar o blog.
    O que é preciso é que tudo esteja bem contigo...
    Esperamos então por essas receitas...

    Será q ainda vais concorrer nestas blogOlipíadas??

  2. Olà Primo!

    Tudo bem, só que ando um pouco (?) atarefada! Fui promovida hà pouco tempo e não tenho parança, tenho de me desmultiplicar entre reuniões, trabalho, equipa a gestir, família, amigos etc, etc, etc.

    A verdade é que tenho andando tão cansada que não tinha pachorra para chegar a casa e sentar-me em frente ao computador depois de ter passado todo o dia a fazer o mesmo!

    E tu? Como estàs?


  3. From time to time I feel the urges to close my blog too. I guess we are all used to feel pressure about stuff. Is not like me to tell people what to do, but you are a kind of a web poppy, very soft, very rare, and we like you around. Goddam, my English is a bit rusty :)