Sunday, 26 October 2008


Many complained of my disappearance from the "Blog World"...I have to thank them, even if some were just missing the recipes (you know yourselves!).

The last weeks (did they turn into months?), were not easy....not just work to blame, even if it grew exponentially ever since assuming more responsibilities...but private life that has been feeling like the roller-coaster I was trying to avoid.

Twists and right. Without any notice came this "ras-le-bol" as we say in french "fed-up" not being a quite good translation, I could only express what I feel with the closest expression I know, came up and really made me not care of anything. I was living and breathing work, until I came to my senses...not good in doing so. Why did I have to bury myself into work to forget I was upset, to forget that hearthache is but reality in life...

Thought of shutting down the blog, of shutting down all the pages I have scattered around the internet world, I shut my self from family and friends...

Was it worth it? No. Somehow, I woke up to what was happening, smile and laughter being back, re-contacting all friends and being more present regarding family. I found out I was OK with myself, that I actually enjoy everyday of my life and that I could actually have that "famous" laughter feels nice.

So the purpose of this post, is to actually thank all those that were patient, that worried when they saw that I wasn't laughing, that were there doing nothing but looking at me in silent support and kept sending little funny messages and surprises to bring me back to my old self...the positive, optimist, laughing person I am...

Be ready for more posts...even for more recipes (don't need to say who you are...!)


  1. Seja bem vinda novamente :)


  2. Ainda bem que não decidiste fechar o Blog... umas férias da blogosfera de vez enquando sabem bem, quanto ao outro assunto que originou a ausencia, tudo de bom para ti.
    beijinho grande do Primo