Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Afrikaans Language Monument in Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa

Many of my readers and friends have been having the following comment "hey, what's up with this strange language that popped up on your blog?". I smile each time I read or get that kind of comment, because I also used to think like that...what a strange I said...I USED to think that.

Those who know me, know how much I like to travel and discover new cultures, as well as learning new languages. For me it is natural that if you are visiting another country, one should try to find a few things about it first and try to learn a few is always appreciated. I could find one is better welcomed when we make an effort, I have verified that in each of my travels around the globe.

Question is, why Afrikaans? Don't know my self. I was in South Africa years ago, but hadn't "click" with it, after all, everyone was speaking in English...

One morning after a conversation on different languages spoken with a friend, I got "challenged" to learn Afrikaans, I took it up. Thought I was making a mistake, because it sounded like a complicated language where "g" turns into "rhh", "v" turns into "f", etc and the grammar seems so "obscure"... I was so far from reality. What I wasn't expecting was to literally fall in love with this beautiful and so "smooth" language. Afrikaans is not harsh at all, although it may seem for the untrained ear.

With learning the language came also learning the culture and everything around it (including the recipes!!!) and letting go of some pre-conceived ideas...

How to explain the fun I am having, how much I enjoy each time I discover I understand what I am being told in Afrikaans and how much I am amazed of how automatic it is becoming for me to reply...although sometimes the order of the words isn't quite right (different grammar rules)...but that has occasioned some very good laughter moments!

So, to answer all those who have asked, there is no particular reason just the fact that I like it and that I would like everyone to discover how beautiful it is.

Afrikaans is one of the 11 official languages of South Africa. If you are interested in knowing a bit more you can visit this site (Wikipedia). Try also to learn a little bit more about the Afrikaans Language Monument here.


  1. Ciccia,
    Non ho parole. Sei soltanto...tu! keep going!!!


  2. Ciao Gianni,

    Baie dankie! Cioé "grazie mille"!


  3. E adesso in che lingua ti rispondo ?
    Comunque davvero in gamba, io non sapevo nemmeno che il Sud Africa avesse tante lingue.
    Ho provato ad imparare un pò lo swhaili ma non ho imparato niente

  4. Ciao Arthur,
    Italiano va benissimo... ;-)
    Anchio sto ancora scoprendo certe cose sul Sud Africa...tante storie che non sono vere, tante idee preconcette che erano false...

    Il Afrikaans è una lingua davvero interessante...pensavo che sarebbe stato difficile imparare (ho provato un saco di volte di imparare tedesco...pensavo che il Afrikaans fosse uguale), in effetti, l'Afrikaans è molto interessante...ed no cosi complicato.

  5. That is such an interesting story of how you learned about Afrikaans!

    Here's a great site in Afrikaans that you might enjoy:

    Afrikaans wiki browser